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Welcome to KindWellbeing.com!

A guide for healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle

KindWellbeing.com is the place to share the information that helps us make better decisions to live healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. We are interested in well-being of us, Humans, as well as that of our beautiful planet, the Earth. And our journey with KindWellbeing.com begins with the stories about Food, Supplement, Cosmetics, and Green Products with emphases on Health, Nutrition, and Sustainability. We believe that we, the consumers and shoppers, can change the world a better and healthier place by becoming kind consumers and kind shoppers, i.e., buying and using the products that are both good for us and the planet. Please join us if you’d like to share your knowledge and product experiences under these categories, or if you simply want to learn more about these topics. We wish that KindWellbeing.com becomes a fun and insightful community for people who care about Wellness and Nature.