About KindWellbeing.com

KindWellbeing.com is a place to share the information that helps us make better decisions to live healthy and environmentally friendly/sustainable lifestyle. We are interested in wellbeing of us, Humans, as well as that of our beautiful planet, the Earth. And our journey with KindWellbeing.com (previously AskDrMiki.com) begins with the stories about Food, Supplement, Cosmetics, and Green Products with emphases on Health, Nutrition, and Sustainability. Please join us if you’d like to share your knowledge and product experiences under these categories, or if you simply want to learn more about these topics. We wish that KindWellbeing.com becomes a fun and insightful community for people who care about Wellness and Nature.


About Dr Miki

Dr Mi-Kyung “Miki” Bahng, the founder of KindWellbeing.com, holds a PhD in chemistry (from University of California, Davis), not a MD. She has learned a great deal of knowledge on food and supplement from working in the nutrition industry (at a company that manufactures and sells ingredients for functional foods and supplements) and also from studying by herself through various resources since she became very interested in nutrition and wellbeing. Prior to entering the food and supplement industry, Dr Miki had research experiences in Chemistry and Bioenergy (Biofuel) from working at two U.S. Department of Energy labs (Argonne National Laboratories and National Renewable Energy Laboratory). Chemistry, Green energy, and Sustainability continue to be of her interest, though she has become more enthusiastic about the food/nutrition industry. Currently, Dr Miki works as a freelancer consultant under Bahng Consulting, LLC (specialized in market research and strategic business analysis) and operates KindWellbeing.com (previously AskDrMiki.com) as part of Knowledge Share Initiatives. She is also taking business courses at Missouri State University to pursue her MBA degree with a Marketing certificate. In addition, Dr Miki enjoys teaching, so she has been teaching general chemistry lab courses at the university since Fall 2013. Visit Dr Miki’s LinkedIn page for more detailed profile.