Author: Dr Miki Bahng


Obesity 2015 by The Lancet

Sharing the recent post, Obesity 2015, published by The Lancet: February 18, 2015. Read the full story at The Lancet. Executive Summary Today’s food environments exploit people’s biological, psychological, social, and economic vulnerabilities, making...

Swisse Wild Krill Oil

Swisse Wild Krill Oil

Krill are tiny marine crustaceans that are eaten by fish and whales. These are typically found in the Antarctic and North Pacific oceans. Krill represents the most abundant biomass of any living organism available...



The New Shape of Popcorn by Medora Snacks   If you haven’t tried PopCorners, you are missing out something really fun & tasty. So far I have tried four flavors, Kettle, Cheesy Jalapeño, White...