How to Read a Supplement Label

How to Read a Supplement Label_720
Serving size is the manufacturer’s suggested serving expressed in the appropriate unit (tablet, capsule, softgel, packet, teaspoonful).

Amount Per Serving heads the listing of nutrients contained in the supplement, followed by the quantity present in each serving.

International Unit (IU) is a standard unit of measure for fat soluble vitamins (A, D and E).

Milligram (mg) and microgram (mcg) are units of measurement for water soluble vitamins (C and B complex) and minerals. A milligram is equal to .001 grams. A microgram is equal to .001 milligrams.

Percent Daily Value (DV) tells what percentage of the recommended daily intake for each nutrient for adults and children ages 4 and up is provided by the supplement.

An asterisk under the “Percent Daily Value” heading indicates that a Daily Value is not established for that nutrient.

The list of all ingredients includes nutrients and other ingredients used to formulate the supplement, in decreasing order by weight.


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